1. i can feel the universe tearing at the fabric of my soul


  2. Wow.

    It’s been awhile.

  3. ragandbone-r:






    close your eyes before the taxi it feels like you’ve died for a millisecond its so peaceful

    So true.

    Never going to not reblog

    its relaxing actually

    its scary how calm this makes me 

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  4. Anonymous said: Searching? What did you find?

    equilibrium. Still searching though. dont know what for yet. 


  5. Anonymous said: Corey, what's up with you? What's new?

    Soul searching for days. Just been living life and what not. What’s up with you?

  6. #sunset


  7. Wrote a letter to the sky

    Saying one day I’ll get to kiss you

  9. It is tooooo cold

  10. #snow


  12. Anonymous said: Who is that poem about?

    Your first love


  13. Forever in my mind

    Only you
    The pieces in my life
    Run away with you


  14. and

    so it begins